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Here at K&R Cuts and More, we are proud to say that we have the areas largest indoor showroom of home decor items in the Okaloosa County area. It is our biggest kept secret however people are finding out daily about just how large our selection of outdoor art and decor items we have. We have everything from cute outdoor art to top quality outdoor furniture. So stop by and visit our showroom, we promise you find something you’ll have to have!

K&R Cuts and More Outdoor Decor

KR Cuts & More Indoor Showroom

KR Cuts and More Outdoor Decor Items

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K&R Cuts Outdoor Decor

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We simply have so much to choose from in our huge indoor showroom that it’s just not humanly possible to fit it all on one web page. So be sure to visit us and see why we are the biggest outdoor decor store in the Okaloosa County Area. (Contact Us) or check out all of our photos on our Facebook page! K&R Cuts Facebook Page Link